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Online Media Database

We offer a user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective solution to your media monitoring tasks - access to central and regional print media in an electronic format.

You receive:

  • Full texts from Ukrainian newspapers and magazines (100% corresponding to relevant print versions) and scan copies of an article on demand.
  • Convenient search interface allowing to make queries with an unlimited word number.
  • Full-text search in three languages based on morphological analysis.
  • Creation of summary reports based on the found documents.
  • Access to archival materials for the current year.
  • 24-hour access in any part of the world (requires an Internet connection)
  • Expert support (basic training, assistance in creation of search queries for the most relevant documents and information noise restriction)

Additional accumulation and search service for specialized Internet articles:

  • Possibility of filling your collection with specialized articles from Internet sources and search through them (filling occurs according to the keywords you enter).
  • Advantages over news feed sent by email: archiving in a convenient format with a possibility of quick search of relevant information in the whole collected mass.